DNNArticle Multi languages plug-in 9.1 Published on:06/28/2018

DNNArticle Multi languages plug-in
This plug-in provides a solution for multi languages support of DNNArticle. It includes:  Edit multi languages for an article.  Edit multi languages for category.  Template multi language support. Read More

Smart Calculator 5.0 Published on:04/25/2018

Smart Calculator
Smart Calculator allows you to easily create calculating forms for your web site. Read More

Advanced Audio Player 4.0 Published on:03/31/2018

Advanced Audio Player
This DotNetNuke module uses jQuery jplayer to play MP3 MP4 audio files. The module is developed under VS 2010. It works with DotNetNuke 5.5 +. Living demo: http://www.zldnn.com/Products/AudioPlayer.aspx . Read More

Advanced Biz Map 6.9.2 Published on:03/31/2018

Advanced Biz Map
The Advanced Biz Map integrates Google map API V3 into DotNetNuke to provide map service for DotNetNuke web site. The Biz Map includes four modules: Advanced Biz Map: you can create maps, markers, layers and icons in the main module. Advanced Biz Map – Map View: you can set the Map View to show a map. It supports template. And it allows you to show maps, street view, side bar and direction search in other modules such as HTML/Text. Advanced Biz Map – Map List: it shows list of maps in any page you want. Each item links to a Map View to show the map when a user clicks the link. Advanced Biz Map – Marker List: it shows marker list of a map in any page you want. Each item links to a Map View to show the map when a user clicks the link. The living demo of this module is here: http://demo.zldnn.com/bizmap Living demo: Show map and street view in HTML module: http://demo.zldnn.com/bizmap . Show layers on a map: http://demo.zldnn.com/bizmap/LayersDemo.aspx Mar... Read More

A Chart 2.0 Published on:03/30/2018

The A Chart is an easy usage DNN module that allows you to add financial, scientific, engineering, business or any kind of relevant data to charts. It supports 30+ chart types. And it supports data from database, files or external Url. Read More

my Help Desk 9.0 Published on:03/30/2018

my Help Desk
This module helps you to manage customers support requests. It offers a requests management (Trouble Ticketing) and allow your visitors customers to easily create new tickets and review their requests details / status. The product is a SPA (single page application) by using AngularJS, jQuery and WebApi. Read More

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