Light Box Content 6.1 Published on:09/22/2014

Light Box Content
 The Lightbox Content module helps to show content in pop up light box. The content can be images, FLV videos, HTML, Youtube resources, external URL or modules in DNN portal. You can use this module to create lightbox gallery for photos, videos etc.  And you can add the link of light box into HTML of ANY other modules such as main HTML/TEXT modules or module header/footer. Read More

Ajax Slider 4.6 Published on:04/30/2014

Ajax Slider
  The Ajax Slider is a powerful DotNetNuke module that allows you to show content in Slider way. It uses Javascript and CSS to implement the slide show and need not other plugins. It supports multi type of content such as images, FLV videos, Flash, HTML content, Embed resources such as Youtube video. And it can show other modules in your portal and outside web page. By default, there is the Simple Content Management module shipped with it. It can help you to manage multi kinds of content. The Ajax Slider also includes content providers for several existing modules such as DNNArticle, Advanced News Feed, my Q&A and Multi Media Gallery Pro etc. And the number of content providers is growing. Read More

DNNArticle Blog 6.0 Published on:11/18/2013

DNNArticle Blog
DNNArticle Blog is a blog application based on the powerful DNNArticle. It is easy to set up and easy to use. It supports multiple users and allows users to create their own blog headers with links to their own Web sites. It also allows users to create their own Web site list. The Web site list will be shown for active blog. In this way, it encourages users to keep their blog alive. This blog module includes 13 sub modules that provide powerful features and flexibility. You can use all sub modules included in DNNArticle. DNNArticle Blog is very easy to set up. After adding an instance of the main blog into a page, you can set it up by clicking one button. You can download the 15 days trial version from . Read More

Advanced FAQ 7.4 Published on:09/24/2013

Advanced FAQ
This dnn module allows users to submit questions. Admin can assign roles that can ask questions and answer questions. An email will be sent to an email address when a new question is submitted. The user who asked the question will receive an email when the question is answered. Read More

Flexible Module Wrapper 6.2 Published on:06/28/2013

Flexible Module Wrapper
Flexible Module Wrapper injects existing modules and mixes them with HTML/TEXT. It can help you to build more complex, flexible and attractive page. The HTML/TEXT can be around the modules. The injected modules can be in any pages of the portal or even the host. Read More

BizMap Yelp Search 3.1 Published on:06/27/2013

BizMap Yelp Search
The Biz Map Yelp Search integrates Google map API V3 and Yelp API into DotNetNuke to provide Yelp search for DotNetNuke web site. It allows users to search businesses around defined or passed in location. Read More

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