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Work with Windows Live Writer

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Created by host in 4/17/2008 8:57:02 PM

This article presents how to use Windows Live Writer to publish and edit  articles in DNNArticle module.

For 5.0 version, DNNArticle can work with Windows Live Writer(WLW). It is based on metaPost. The attached flash file demonstrates how to integrate WLW with DNNArticle.

Windows Live Writer is a free, standalone blogging application. It offers writers more convenient tools and freedom from their browsers' mimitations.

  • You can save draft before publishing an article.
  • It helps you to deal with many article modules on multiple portals even multiple hosts.
  • It also provides you with an interface that's not shackled to the limits of what can be presented in a browser without plug-ins or add-ons.

It needs few steps to let DNNArticle work with WLW.

  1. Install DNNArticle and metaPost to your DotNetNuke Web Site.
  2. Download and install WLW (free).
  3. Configure WLW to connect DNNArticle module(see attached flash file).

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