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How to show images in enclosure field of RSS feed by using Advanced News Feed

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Created by host in 6/25/2012 8:25:52 PM

This is a demo of Advanced News Feed to use XLS file to show fields in RSS feed.

The Advanced News Feed supports templates that are HTML style and easy to use. The tokens include
  • [title]: the title of news item.
  • [author]: the author of news item.
  • [pubdate]: the publish date of news item.
  • [channeltitle]: the title of news channel.
  • [description]: the description of news item. Generally the description of news items is HTML style. You can change it to plain text by set the setting “Display description as plain text” in module settings and you can set the length of the description.
  • [link]: the link to news item.

The template editor is WYSIWYG so it's easy to use. However, it cannot display other fields such as enclosure in the feeds. If you want to show other fields in the feed, you have to use XLS to tranfer to HTML style. In module settings->display settings, you can assign the XLS file. And in display template, you can use [content] token to show the tranfered HTML.

An example of the usage of XLS is to show image in enclosure field. http://www.nu.nl/feeds/rss/algemeen.rss. Please download the attached file and unzip it. You'll find two files, one is the template, the other is the XLST file. Please upload the xsl file to the portal folder by using the Admin->File Manager. Then go to the module settings of Advanced News Feed, in display settings section you can assign the XLS file. And please set the display template too. Then it will work.

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