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The tokens for previous article and next article in DNNArticle

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Created by host in 6/15/2012 3:50:29 AM

How to show previous article and next article link in DNNArticle View.

In DNNArticle View template, you can use [PREVARTICLE:<categoryid>,<sort field>]....[/PREVARTICLE] and [NEXTARTICLE:<categoryid>,<sort field>]...[/NEXTARTICLE] to show content of previous article and next article.

[NEXTARTICLE:categoryid,vieworder]...[/NEXTARTICLE] and [PREVARTICLE:categoryid,vieworder]...[/PREVARTICLE]: It means that the article tokens in the block should be translated to the article next to the current article that is in the defined category by the category ID and view order in the token. If category ID is 0, it will show the next article in the module with the current article. This is used to generate the link to next article in DNNArticle View.

Know issue: please not include hard line break in the block of the tokens. If there are hard line breaks in the block, the tokens cannot work properly.

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