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Send Email Error of Modules in DotNetNuke 6.2

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Created by host in 6/13/2012 1:11:53 AM

If the SMTP Server is not set in DotNetNuke 6.2, there will be the error of sending email.

We received reports of Sending Email errors of our modules in DotNetNuke 6.2. For example, when trying to add an new article, there is the error.

The issue is caused by new send email API in DNN 6.2. If the SMTP server is not set up, when the send email API is called, it will throw the error. To fix it is simple, you can set up the SMTP server in host->host settings. Or you can disable the email notification in module settings.

The error may occur in DNNArticle lower than 9.8, Advanced Business Directory, FAQ and other modules.
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